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Keeping Your Dairy Foods Safe: What You Need to Know

The hot days of summer bring questions about how to keep perishable dairy foods safe. Many stakeholders work together to help ensure the safety and quality of dairy foods, making milk and milk products some of the safest and highest quality foods in the U.S. By becoming educated on how to buy, transport, and store milk and milk products, you [...]

Detroit Student Selected to Attend National Summit and Lead Healthy Changes in Schools Throughout Michigan

Lenah Alghali, a local student from Detroit, was selected to serve as a State Ambassador for Fuel Up to Play 60, the nation’s largest health and wellness program created in partnership with United Dairy Industry of Michigan and the NFL, in cooperation with USDA. Fuel Up to Play 60 encourages students to eat healthy, be active and make positive, healthy [...]

Bennett Elementary Jumps in to Fuel Up to Play 60

In November 2014 Bennett Elementary School in Jackson, Michigan received their first Fuel Up to Play 60 grant through the United Dairy Industry of Michigan. With the aid of the $1,000 grant, and the leadership of staff and student captains, Bennett Elementary has made great strides in educating students and staff alike about the importance of healthy eating and exercising [...]

Non-Dairy Milk Alternatives: What You Need to Know

While milk and milk products were once the sole occupant of the typical supermarket dairy case, cow’s milk is now sharing space with an increasing array of non-dairy beverage alternatives. These plant-based beverages are made from soybeans, nuts (almonds, cashews, hazelnuts), coconut, grains (rice, quinoa), and seed (flax, hemp). In addition to grocery stores, some of these non-dairy milk alternatives [...]

7 Reasons Cow Pies are Actually Awesome



1. Along with April showers, cow pies help bring May flowers.













2. In fact, they’re the original organic fertilizer!










3. When composted, cow pies make comfy and sustainable bedding…
maybe not for you, but cows like it.










4. They help keep the lights on.

5. Cow pies help keep things green, providing some pretty spectacular views.










6. They help keep detergent companies in business.










7. And, of [...]

Greenfield Elementary gets a Visit from Roary

Students at Greenfield Elementary in Beverly Hills, Michigan, have been making healthy eating choices and incorporating physical activity into their days through the Fuel Up to Play 60 program since 2012. By now, they’re old pros at it. With their continued success and commitment to encouraging students to eat healthy and stay active, Greenfield Elementary was recently visited by a pretty [...]