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Fitness Frenzy – Nutrition Plays a Factor, Too

Are you among the millions of Americans whose New Year’s resolution is to exercise more? Perhaps you signed up for a Zumba or Bikram yoga class, or are adding resistance training or high intensity interval work to your treadmill routine. Good! As a registered dietitian I love hearing that people are making lifestyle changes to improve their health. However, if [...]

Nutrition for Two: Be Sure to Get Your Daily Dairy Dose

As a registered dietitian and a first-time mom-to-be, I definitely understand the importance of proper nutrition during pregnancy, and I can honestly tell you that what I’ve consumed during the last nine months has never felt so important. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve indulged on a sweet treat when the craving struck, in fact I think the local ice cream [...]

The UP State Fair and the Miracle of Life

One way our family finished a fabulous, fun-filled summer was by attending the Upper Peninsula State Fair.

This year, Levi showed and sold a steer that he raised as a 4-H project.

We also brought cows that were ready to have their calves to the Miracle of Life building. The building had bleachers so fair-goers could watch the animals give birth. Michigan [...]

Food Product Dates: Clearing Up the Confusion

September is National Food Safety Education month. As a registered dietitian nutritionist, I receive numerous questions related to dairy food safety from consumers. A frequently asked question is: “If the milk in my refrigerator has a “sell by” date of two days ago, is it still safe to drink or should I toss it?”

As many as two-thirds of Americans look [...]