Breakfast Cootie Catcher

A fun paper game for students to learn about the importance of breakfast. Copy on heavy paper for best results.

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Breakfast Cootie Catcher

A fun paper game for students to learn about the importance of breakfast. Copy on heavy paper for best results.

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Milk From Farm to Table Coloring Book

Follow ‘Milk: From Farm to Table’ with this fun coloring book which highlights the journey of Michigan’s milk from the cow to your table!



Dairy Coloring Sheet

This adorable color-by-number sheet of a farmer milking a cow will make every kid smile…and want some ice cold milk!


Moo Masks

These easy and oh-so-cute masks can be made in coordination with a nutrition lesson on the Milk Group, at Halloween, or any day kids feel like mooovin’ around!

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Dairy Maze

Help the dairy farmer move the milk from farm to table in this fun dairy maze.


Milk From Farm to Table Poster

The Milk: From Farm to Table poster, featuring mascot of the Detroit Lions Roary, follows the journey of milk from farm to your kitchen table. The poster makes a perfect compliment to our Activity Book. **Limit 5 per order**


Food Models

These are a must have for teachers at any grade level! The life-size, sturdy cardboard photographs of 200 commonly eaten foods include the food’s nutrition label on the back. They are ideal for any nutrition lessons and compliment the 2015 Dietary Guidelines and USDA’s MyPlate food guidance system. Available to Michigan residents only. For ordering information please call United Dairy Industry of Michigan, 1-800-241-6455 (MILK).


Kids Eat Right – Breakfast Parfait My Way!

Use the parfait cup below to draw and color the foods that you would put into your breakfast parfait. Source material courtesy of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics.

MyPlate Kids Handout



Super Dairy Snacking

Fun, kid-inspired recipes for the entire family to enjoy!

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Healthy Farming, Healthy You

Explore the history of dairy farming with a timeline poster and learn about the skills, technology, and science that dairy farmers use to protect the environment and provide families with fresh, wholesome milk 365 days a year.


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Snack Stars

5, 4, 3, 2, 1……Blast off to healthy snacking!  Snack Stars includes six “snactivities,” that teach and encourage young children to choose and eat healthy snacks. Fun, easy-to-prepare, space-themed recipes such as Out-of-This-World Peanut Butter Dip and Intergalactic Magic Pudding support the snactivities along with a theme-based Snack Song, Astronauts’ Exercises, and a read-and-move echo chant to help students use both sides of their brains – and their bodies – for best learning.  Snack Star’s content is aligned with Michigan and National Health Education Standards and reinforces core and Common Core connections.



Milk Matters Coloring Book

This coloring book is designed for children ages 4 to 8 to learn the important role calcium plays in building strong teeth and a healthy body.