Dairy Protein Power Handout

Learn more about the nutritional benefit and bargain of dairy’s high-quality protein with this engaging handout.

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Eat Right – Power Up with Breakfast

Food, Nutrition and Health Tips from the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics. Breakfast gives you energy to start the day. A healthy breakfast is important for everyone. Get the morning nutrition you need with these quick breakfast ideas. Material provided courtesy of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics.


Food Models

These are a must-have for teachers at any grade level! The life-size, sturdy cardboard photographs of 200 commonly eaten foods include the food’s nutrition label on the back. They are ideal for any nutrition lessons and compliment the 2015 Dietary Guidelines and USDA’s MyPlate food guidance system. Available to Michigan residents only. For ordering information please call United Dairy Industry of Michigan, 1-517-349-8923.

Fuel Up with Breakfast Infographic

Breakfast is shown to make a difference in how kids learn and behave in school. Many studies have been completed that support the link. Despite all of the benefits, it is still common for kids to skip breakfast.

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Chocolate Milk: Nature’s Sports Drink Poster

Chocolate Milk is a natural, nutrient-rich beverage and a great choice for all students. Use this poster to encourage your students to power up with Chocolate Milk: Nature’s Sports Drink.



Milk From Farm to Table Poster

The Milk: From Farm to Table poster, featuring mascot of the Detroit Lions Roary, follows the journey of milk from farm to your kitchen table. The poster makes a perfect compliment to our Activity Book. **Limit 5 per order**

MyPlate Adult Handout

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MyPlate Adult Poster

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Think Your Drink

For Nutrition, other beverages don’t even come close. This handout compares the nutritional value of milk to other beverages along with a breakdown of the 9 essential nutrients and how they help you grow healthy and strong.

Also available as a poster.



Smart Moves

Smart Moves guides middle school students to make smart decisions about their eating and physical activity habits. Students learn that eating well and being physically active are Smart Moves they can make for their health.

Call the United Dairy Industry of Michigan at 800-241-MILK to order print copies (available while supplies last).


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The Great Michigan Milk Drive

Help students fight hunger by taking part in The Great Michigan Milk Drive Fundraiser. Students learn about the problem of hunger in America and in their own community, and organize to bring fresh, wholesome milk to local foodbanks.





What is Normal? Poster

What is Normal? Teen Body Image, Nutrition and Physical Activity. For Educators, Nurses, Dietitians, Coaches, Counselors, Therapists, Community clubs, and others who work with teens and pre-teens. Poster courtesy of Oregon Dairy Council.

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