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2018-2019 Touchdown Schools in Michigan

Healthy Tailgate Lunch

Pierce Middle School, Waterford, MI

The Fuel Up to Play 60 team held their Kickoff by unveiling the school district’s new Rock the Bike smoothie blender during a Healthy Tailgate Lunch. Activities included a “pedal-off”, voting for a smoothie flavor to be added to the menu, relay races, milk chug toss and a dance-off. Roary from the Detroit Lions even stopped by to join the fun!



Healthy Eating Play – Fueling Greatness with Lindsay Tarpley

Eureka Elementary School, St. Johns, MI

Scoring gold with smoothies! Students pedaled to blend up strawberries, yogurt, bananas and milk to fuel their bodies and connected it to hard work, dedication, perseverance, and confidence to build healthy habits for life.


Sixth Grade Health Day

Allendale Middle School, Allendale, MI

Traveling from station to station, students took their “passport” and gained ideas to eat healthier and play for 60 minutes a day. One highlight of Sixth Grade Health Day was a guessing game to determine the mystery ingredients in a smoothie blended up by the students themselves using the Blender Bike. Some other healthy destinations included MOVE! Bingo, My Plate Food Group Jeopardy, and the Partner Step Counter Challenge. Students who completed their passport questions in visiting every station were eligible for prizes at the end of the day geared towards movement.



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